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Bernd Goeckler, the coveted antiques and collectible design dealer has been a go-to destination for the design trade for three decades, and pillar of New York’s E 10th Street gallery district. Since opening in 1989, when Art Deco pieces began mingling with the gallery’s collection of Louis XVI and Neoclassical furnishings, the shop has consistently been at the forefront of design ether. Goeckler’s in-depth knowledge of key movements and talents in the decorative arts played a major role behind the current popularity of Italian mid-century masters such Paolo Buffa, Max Ingrand, and Gino Sarfatti. Since 2015, under the leadership of Gallery Director Katja Hirche, Bernd Goeckler's guiding force has expanded on Goeckler's legacy, nurturing the careers of contemporary makers, including Paula Swinnen, Franck Evennou, Roberto Rida, and Simone Crestani. The gallery’s striking presentations of important decorative works across eras, has been a standout at the city’s most renowned design fairs for decades. As Hirche shares, "at Bernd Goeckler, the tenants that persist are quality of design, authenticity, and of course beauty."

Bernd Goeckler
9-10-1941 to 12-4-2019

Born in Germany, Bernd Goeckler was raised and educated in Switzerland. After a successful early career as a retailer of design furniture and antiques in Basel, Bernd also apprenticed with the renowned Hofstætter Restoration. At Hofstaetter, Bernd gained understanding of the look and construction of antique furniture, an understanding which he further developed, taking classes at the Le Musée des Arts Décoratifs at the Louvre in Paris.

Over the next few years, Bernd amassed a large antiques collection and began exhibiting in antique fairs in Zürich, Basel, and Lausanne. In 1989, Bernd moved to Manhattan, where he first opened his antique shop on University Place. The following year Bernd Goeckler Antiques relocated to its current location, renovating and expanding in 2006 to its present look and space.

While from the beginning the inventory of Bernd Goeckler Antiques, Inc. has been a diverse mix of fine furniture, lighting, and accessories, in recent years the gallery has increasingly focused on 20th and 21st Century design. Since the mid-nineties, when Art Deco pieces began commingling with the gallery’s primarily Louis XVI and Neoclassical inventory, the demand for modern furnishings has grown considerably. The gallery, in turn, has adapted its inventory accordingly.

In the process, Bernd and his staff have become a recognized authority on 20th century European furniture, furnishings, and decorative arts. His in-depth knowledge of key movements throughout that period and the design talents that propelled them has paved the way for the shop to build and offer collections of the highest quality.

Katja Hirche
(East Village based)

Katja has over 20 years of experience working in the shop. In 1999, she came from Germany to learn from and help with her uncle Bernd’s business. With a career of education under Bernd, Katja continues his legacy. She has since absorbed the leadership role and serves as a fountain of knowledge both for her clients and staff. Her dreams for the future of the shop involves maintaining a strong presence of antique and vintage pieces while aiming to also make dreams come true and visions realized through custom commissions with European artists. You might not know it but Katja speaks 4.5 languages, is a certified ski instructor and her happiest place to be in the world is "anywhere in the Alps".

Karen Rivera
(Queens based)

Karen has been with the shop for more than a decade now. She has hurdled through the ropes and has since become a cornerstone of essential daily operations. Her favorite designer is Jacques Adnet for his unique use of leather and stitching. And her most treasured thing about the shop is the variety of beautiful light fixtures which give her an opportunity to daydream from time to time. On her days off, you can catch her hiking, baking elaborate cakes, or maybe rollerblading with her son.

Bryna Askins
(Brooklyn based)

Bryna is the most junior associate at the shop with nearly 4 years of experience.
With a background in political science, she is glad to enjoy and learn from the splendor of design and beauty at every turn in the gallery. You might see her gardening on 10th street or shopping for flowers at USQ Greenmarket. When she’s not at the shop, you might catch her doing improv comedy around town, hiking somewhere on Long Island, or cooking up something delicious.

Karen "Manuela" Hernandez
(Queens based)

Karen has been the caretaker and cleaner for BGA since 1997. She lovingly tends to our collection and helps things come back to life when they arrive from Europe as well. When asked what her favorite thing about the shop, she answered “everything.” When she is not at BGA, you can find her tending to her large garden for which she attributes her green thumb to Bernd’s teachings.

James Mendoza
(Queens based)

James is our house electrician and handyman. He’s been with the shop for over 12 years and has a heart of gold. When asked what his favorite thing about work was, he answered that “electrifying things and having the chance to get creative” made him happy. In his spare time, you can catch him enthusiastically involved with his family and friends or working on a new short film with his son.

Luis Ever Pineda Muriel
(Queens based)

Luis is our house metalworker and the newest member of our staff. He has been a student of the craft for 8 years and considers it his life path. He loves creating and working with beautiful things. In his spare time, he’s probably catching up with his wife or studying new tools and methods for work.

Leopolde Hirche aka Poldi
(East Village based)

Poldi is a 2016 born Staffordshire Terrier rescue who is happiest when in the shop. Passions include anything involving a ball, dancing, stretching, yoga, sniffing out treats, and chasing her own tail. Her favorite thing to do at the shop is helping James rewire vintage European fixtures.