Roberto Rida & Simone Crestani

DUETTO is a suite of decorative art objects manifested in collaboration by two masters of contemporary Italian design, Roberto Rida & Simone Crestani. Housed within the storied walls of the BERND GOECKLER GALLERY, this conjoined practice was championed by Katja Hirche, Goeckler’s niece, who in the last few years rose to the role of Gallery Director, forging new directions to pursue programming that reflects current design dialogues. DUETTO mirrors a time of growth for the gallery, which this year celebrates 30 years as an authority of integral antiques and historical design, and now, as a vital space for connection and inspiration in the world of contemporary collectible design. As Crestani shares, “We tried to merge our own universe to create an alternate one. Every piece is unique and related to my interest in the natural, while also with extreme emphasis on the materials Roberto is known for.” The work here plays with notions of materiality; subverting expectations around the fragility of glass, and the strength of metal. In Rida’s words, “DUETTO embodies the sensitivity and mutual respect between two artists.” As a whole, the collection eludes conventional categorization, occupying a rarified, liminal space that attempts to collapse and expand the hierarchy that sets fine art above craft, while igniting broader conversations about the sensual objects that shape and enrich our lives.

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November 28, 2019 to December 02, 2019

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